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Superintendent Vows to Attack Drug Abuse

With drug abuse rates among children between 12 and 17 years old increasing in certain areas of New York, officials have come together to try to eradicate the problem. Schools superintendent Seth Turner, county executive Mike Hein, and over 50 other school staff have initiated a drug abuse prevention program called Know More, an initiative that will help “raise awareness and help provide solutions”. Even though the drug abuse program is in its initial stages, the immense buzz surrounding it will now have it breaking into two groups (elementary and secondary levels). Central to the program is not making individuals suffering from drug abuse or mental illness feel like criminals.

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Drug Abuse

The abuse of drugs and alcohol is a serious problem throughout the country, and the issue is not confined to the big cities. While drug abuse is indeed a huge problem in cities like New York City and Los Angeles, drug abusers can be found everywhere – from the smallest towns in New Jersey to the most rural areas of Montana and Wyoming.

Drug abuse is also an equal opportunity problem – affecting men and women, rich and poor, young and old. Literally anyone can fall victim to drug abuse, and the effects of this abuse are far ranging and long lasting.

Drug abuse plays a role in everything from the high crime rates in our cities to the number of crashes on our highways. Even if no one in your family has ever touched an illegal drug, chances are you have been touched by these substances of abuse.

What Are Some Drug Abuse Effects?

The exact effects of substance abuse will vary along with the drug being used, so it is important for friends and family members to keep a sharp eye out and watch for the possible symptoms. Men and women who abuse amphetamines and other stimulants may appear unduly agitated, and they may experience periods of paranoia and even psychosis. Those who are abusing prescription drugs may engage in doctor shopping to obtain additional prescriptions, while abusers of marijuana may appear lethargic and lack initiative.

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