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The Biggest Frustrations Related to Alcohol Commack

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A lot of stupid or poorly thought out things can be done under the influence of alcohol. The worst part of these, is when the person does not remember anything the next day, and may actually never remember them. Everyone who ever got drunk knows that the morning after can be really awkward and frustrating. To learn more about consequences of binge drinking contact Alcohol Treatment Centers Commack.

We gathered here some of the most common frustrations experienced related to alcohol.

Being hungover all day

Or maybe even for two consecutive days. A hungover state can impede one from doing his/her usual activities, make him/her unable to work or to think straight. It might also come with a strong headache, which will stay as long as the hungover does.


Nausea and vomiting are usual reactions of the body to intoxication with alcohol. But it can be really embarrassing being seen vomiting at a party, or even worse at home, especially in front of parents, spouse, children and other family members.

Vomiting at work while hungover as a consequence of alcohol intoxication can be even worse. This image would not be positive, neither for bosses nor subordinates.

Blackouts / not being able to remember

It can be really frustrating for a person to hear about his/her deeds and not remember anything. People say it is like hearing a story about someone else, and thinking that if it was them, they would never behave like this, while finding out later that they actually are the anti-hero of the stories they have just heard.

Not remembering people who a person met while being drunk is another frustration related to alcohol. People report others approaching them and talking to them as if they were buddies, while the former have no clue who the latter actually are.

Becoming violent

Unfortunately, a lot of people become violent while being drunk. This can lead to unpleasant fights, physical violence, and mild to severe injuries.

Some of these fights happen within families, and have harmful effects, especially if the fights involve physical violence.

Other fights can occur with unknown people, friends, or work colleagues.

Drunk driving

You would be lucky to be stopped by the police and arrested before hurting anyone. And it could be really embarrassing to be bailed out by a parent, family member, friend or loved one.

Besides the frustrating aspects, drunk driving can have even worse consequences.

Drunk driving is a big problem in the US. In 2014, there were 9,967 people killed in alcohol-impaired driving crashes, an average of 1 alcohol-impaired-driving fatality every 53 minutes.

Wasting money

Under the influence of alcohol, people tend to be very generous. They can waste irrational amounts of money on alcohol. Drunk people can also “be buying“ for everyone around them, or in the whole bar. As alcohol is quite expensive, a drunk can spend a real lot of money on alcohol.

In addition, while drunk, some people might prefer go shopping. They can buy lots of useless things or services, that they would never have spent money on while being sober.

The wasted amounts of money are usually accounted for when people get sober. Sometimes they do, and sometimes they do not remember what they spent their money on. It might be really frustrating to realize how many things could have been done with that money so senselessly spent.

Doing regrettable things

Under the influence of alcohol people become too relaxed. They stop caring about what they do, or what they say. Inappropriate, regrettable things can be done, or words can be said. Some drunk people would talk to others in a way that they would never do while being sober.  Sometimes, people might get fired due to inappropriate behavior caused by the influence of alcohol.

Getting a tattoo

While being drunk, a lot of people get tattoos, even those who swear that they would never ever get a tattoo in their life. A tattoo is something that stays with a person his / her whole life, and getting some silly image drawn on the body can be really embarrassing.

Obviously, contemporary technologies can offer a solution, like remaking the tattoo into a more appropriate or beautiful one, or getting rid of it. But, the effects will always remain. If one re-draws the tattoo, he/she ends up with a tattoo for one’s entire life anyway. Getting rid of the tattoo implies a professional procedure that burns the tattoo out, usually with a laser. Unfortunately, this procedure leaves a scar that might cure over a longer period of time, or might not cure at all.

Alcohol consumption can bring lots of unpleasant and damaging consequences to a person, and to people around him/her. If you need help to control your drinking, contact Alcohol Treatment Centers Commack at 631-729-7139.



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