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There are dozens of different addictions, so it stands to reason that there is a correspondingly wide range of addiction treatment programs. There are addiction treatment programs that only require visiting the facility at certain times of the week, while others involve a medium to long-term stay. Your ideal addiction treatment program will depend not only on your drug of abuse, but also on coexisting mental health issues, your level of dependence and your life circumstances. The following guide outlines the nature of the most common addictions and the aim of different addiction treatment programs.

What is addiction?

Addiction is an uncontrollable desire to abuse a particular substance or engage in a particular activity, eventually undermining well-being and relationships. In addition, addiction can be physical, mental or both. When an addiction is physical (as in the case of heroin, for example), there is a biological dependency. Meanwhile, other drugs or activities (such as some prescription painkillers and gambling) might create a mental dependency that feels just as strong, but has a more psychological basis.

Different types of addiction

Some of the most common types of addiction seen by treatment services include the following:

  • Prescription drug abuse (e.g. opiate painkillers, amphetamines and Xanax)
  • Street drug abuse (e.g. cocaine, heroin and crystal meth)
  • Sex
  • Alcohol
  • Eating disorders (e.g. anorexia and bulimia)
  • Gambling

Treatment methods overview

Firstly, it should be noted that inpatient medical detox is the gold standard for treating most patients that arrive at an addiction treatment center. This medically supervised process makes withdrawal symptoms more comfortable, enhances the safety of the patient when those withdrawal symptoms pose a risk to health and reduces the likelihood of relapse.

Residential treatment involves living at a treatment facility for an average of 1-3 months, undergoing a comprehensive treatment program after your initial detox. Since research on addiction shows that long-term recovery is more likely in people who continue treatment after detox, a residential program is strongly recommended.

In some cases, outpatient treatment is the most appropriate for a patient’s lifestyle or addiction, or it may follow a residential program at some addiction treatment centers. An outpatient program involves roughly three day trips to the facility, typically focusing on different forms of therapy.

Therapy plays a key role in all of these treatment methods, as it helps to empower patients during the recovery process, helping them to understand why their addiction developed and encouraging personal growth that facilitates relapse prevention. As well as individual therapy, group therapy is offered and involves forging strong, supportive connections with others who have undergone similar experiences. Family therapy also addresses the need for education and greater understanding within families, further reducing the chances of relapse or enabling behaviors.

Alternative treatments

You will also have the opportunity to try alternative addiction treatments at Drug Rehab Centers Commack, though the nature of these treatments will vary. Many of these programs will focus on encouraging relaxation and mindfulness through activities like massage, yoga, meditation, spending time with horses (equine therapy) and making or listening to music. Others will aim to increase overall resistance to future relapse by improving physical well-being. Examples include nutritional therapy, biofeedback programs, acupuncture, chiropractic care and exercise routines. Meanwhile, art therapy offers a unique chance for self-expression, allowing patients to access and externalize some of their deeper emotions and experiences (many of which may have originated in the pre-verbal stage of life).

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