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Commack Yoga for Addiction

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Almost every person tried at least once to use drugs or alcohol. In time, the use of alcohol and drugs becomes a habit, and this habit develops in an addiction. Addiction is a condition that affects our life negatively. To escape from the cycle of addiction you... Read More →

The Biggest Frustrations Related to Alcohol Commack

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A lot of stupid or poorly thought out things can be done under the influence of alcohol. The worst part of these, is when the person does not remember anything the next day, and may actually never remember them. Everyone who ever got drunk knows that the morning after can be really awkward and frustrating. To learn more about consequences of binge ... Read More →

Meth Addiction Treatment Commack

Methamphetamine, or meth for short, is one of the more highly addictive substances available on the street today.  On par with heroin, meth addiction can occur rapidly in a person who is regularly abusing the drug.  Available in two forms, powder and crystal, the latter has not only become quite popular but due to glamorization through movies and... Read More →

Superintendent Vows to Attack Drug Abuse

With drug abuse rates among children between 12 and 17 years old increasing in certain areas of New York, officials have come together to try to eradicate the problem. Schools superintendent Seth Turner, county executive Mike Hein, and over 50 other school staff have initiated a drug abuse prevention program called ... Read More →

Heroin Withdrawal

Heroin withdrawal is one of the most dangerous forms of drug detoxification. Regardless of if the addict thinks they need help or not, this process should be done under the supervision of experienced medical professionals. During heroin withdrawal, the opiate is exiting the system. Due to the way in which the drug has altered the user’s brain che... Read More →

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